How Many Types Match Masters Boosters?

Booster Types

Basically This Game Has Total 5 Types Of Boosters With 28 Different Types. You Can Get Boosters By Trading Boosters Or Collect Gifts From This Post. So Let’s Start With Our First Boosters Type

Bronze Boosters

This Type Boosters Are Available For Beginners. As A New Player You Can Use This Boosters Against Your Opponent To Beat Them. You Can Use Three Different Bronze Boosters In Match. You Can Get Bronze Boosters From Daily Gifts Or Events.

Silver Boosters

There Are There Types Of Different Silver Boosters Available In Match Masters Game. Which Is The Slime, Crazy Rocket, And Mystery Hat Boosters. You Can Use This Boosters Against Your Opponent.

Gold Boosters

There Are Six Types Of Different Gold Boosters Available In Match Masters Game. Which Is The Laser Beam, Magic Wand, Balloon Blast, Sweep It, Mastermind, And Lil Dragon. This Gold Boosters Is Much Powerful Than Silver And Bronze Boosters. This Boosters Can Help You For Powerful Moves Against Your Opponent. 

Diamond Boosters

There Are Thirteenth Types Of Different Diamond Boosters Available In Match Masters Game. Which Is The Vinnie Valentine, Colonel Mcquack, Woolly Workout, Foxy Roxy, Doctor Color, El Magneto, Queen Cobra, Butler Bot, All Aboard, Mr Appleberry, UFO, Crazy Clovers, And High Voltage. Diamond Boosters Has 3 Stages. Third Stages Diamond Boosters Are More Powerful Than First Two Stages. You Can Buy It Or Else You Can Collect Diamond Boosters From Daily Free Match Masters Gifts. 

Legend Boosters

Before I Already Told You That This Was The Most Powerful Boosters Of Match Masters. By Using This Boosters Correct Way You Can Definitely Beat You Opponents. Also You Can Win Great Rewards. Match Masters Has Four Different Types Of Legend Boosters. Which Is Monkey Joo Joo, Billie Bo,Om, Mr Brocco Boogie. As I Said It Was The Most Powerful Boosters, So It’s Not Easy To Get Legend Boosters. Also You Can’t Buy This Boosters. You To Do Some Task To Get Legend Boosters. 

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